Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Charlie Gilmore Charlie Gilmore
Test Passed
Paul was a great teacher and did a great job at making me feel a lot more confident, relaxed and comfortable whilst driving. He is extremely patient but makes sure you are always making progress by focusing on the areas you struggle most with. He gives great guidance and clear instructions and makes sure you’re learning in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Massive thanks to Paul and would definitely recommend him to any learner.

Libby Smurthwaite Libby Smurthwaite
Passed 1st Time
Pauls lessons are challenging but fun, and he helps you to learn at your own pace so you’re always making progress. His teaching and guidance ensured I was able to pass first time, and he has also made me feel confident and ready for solo driving in the future. I highly recommend him as an instructor. Five stars!

Aimee BosomworthAimee Bosomworth
1st Time Pass
The lessons have been great and were the perfect balance of challenging yet not overwhelming or complicated. I felt comfortable from the first lesson and cannot fault Paul’s ability to teach. His teaching is the reason why I was able to pass first time. Highly recommended!

Connor LeeksConnor Leeks
Passed 1st Time
Paul has been a great instructor; he’s very understanding and patient, aswell as having clear and direct communication. He’s very calm and relaxed, even after a mistake or two. I passed first time after a few months despite never having driven before. I could not recommend him more, thank you Paul

Rhianna WoodRhianna Wood
1st Time Pass
Came to Paul with low motivation on driving, I started in January and booked my test the same year in august and I passed first time with Paul's patience and brill teaching. He recognised what I needed to work on and made sure I was confident in those elements in a short space of time. Extremely grateful as I'm now on the road and have a love for driving which I never thought I would have :)))

Emily Goodfellow Emily Goodfellow
Paul was so patient whilst teaching me and made me feel relaxed and confident when I was driving. He is great at explaining things and will work at a pace which works for you whilst encouraging progress. Would definitely recommend Paul.

Hugh DaleHugh Dale
Passed 1st Time
Paul’s a great instructor and a great guy! With his clear instructions and valuable guidance, I quickly got to grips with life on the road, which led to passing my driving test on the first attempt! I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a competent driving instructor.

Beth VentressBeth Ventress
Paul has been very patient while teaching me to drive, I’m extremely nervous so I can imagine it was a challenge! I’ve now passed and couldn’t thank him enough! Wonderful instructor!

Leah Barley Leah Barley
1st Time Pass
I would like to say a big thank you to Paul. I passed my test first time and it’s all down to him. He put me at ease from the beginning and made learning to drive fun. Five stars for Paul from me.

Holly ParkerHolly Parker
LDC Workbook helpful
I’ve just passed with Paul, because of the well structured lessons from the beginning. Making me confident with my driving also using the LDC workbook alongside my lessons so I could review what I needed to work on really helped me. I would recommend Paul for anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Emily WorsleyEmily Worsley
Paul is so patient and understanding, the lessons were engaging and tailored what I was struggling with. I lacked confidence sometimes but Paul always reassured me when I doubted myself. I would 100% recommend Paul to anyone.

Emma MorrisEmma Morris
Passed 1st Time
Passed 1st time, after having weekly lessons with Paul. He gave me the confidence, knowledge and skills I needed to pass. Lessons were enjoyable and I would highly recommend Paul who wants to learn to drive.

Jake HarrisonJake Harrison
1st Time Pass
I started learning with Paul around May 21, being a complete novice and relatively anxious / nervous driver, Paul made me feel at ease in the car. He made concepts that I never thought I’d be able to do, seem simple. Given all of the challenges faced by everyone due to the pandemic and COVID related restrictions. I faced the same issues throughout my learning experience but we managed to pull through, and cover everything in time for my test in September 21. Which I’m pleased to say I passed first time! Paul’s a top bloke with some great stories too that are both interesting and sometimes hilarious! Give him a call if you want to learn in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Genuinely cheers for the help Paul, really have appreciated you getting me through the test! Going to make my life so much easier!

Finlay Johnson Finlay Johnson
Passed 1st Time
I enjoyed my lessons with Paul. He was very clear and methodical when it came to manoeuvres and patient as I got up to speed. I passed first time and would recommend him to other learners. Cheers Paul

George BaldwinGeorge Baldwin
Passed 1st Time
Passed first time with Paul. Lessons are well paces for you and the structure is remarkable. An enjoyable and relaxing environment to learn in. Flexible for any last minute changes I had for lessons. Would 100% recommend going with Paul.

Charlie HancockCharlie Hancock
Passed 1st Time
I would highly recommend Paul to be your driving instructor as he gave me all the tips, information and advice to pass my test 1st time.

Chloe BrownChloe Brown
Paul is an excellent driving instructor. I found that he was very calm and patient and would make sure you fully understood each new skill. Before moving on, whilst still making progress. He helped me succeed through his clear teaching method and excellent preparation for my test. I would highly recommend Paul.

Sophie Palmer-Bunting Sophie Palmer-Bunting
I very much enjoyed my lessons with Paul. Every lesson was tailored to my needs and to what I needed to work onto improve my driving. Thanks to Paul I am now a more confident driver and feel well prepared to take to the roads independently. Thank you.

Max HarlandMax Harland
1st Time Pass
I took driving lessons with Paul and passed 1st time. I really enjoyed Paul’s lessons and could see improvements from lesson to lesson. I would recommend Paul very highly.

Lucy HallLucy Hall
Passed 1stTime
Passed 1st Time! Paul was a really helpful driving instructor, who was good at giving constructive criticism. He would always tell you what you have done wrong as well as how to improve. He always made me feel at ease and made it a friendly environment to be in. Thanks to Paul I passed first time. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Patrick ThorpePatrick Thorpe
Paul was recommended to me, I thought the lessons where easy to understand and I made quick progress. Paul is a really friendly and calm character I’d definitely recommend him to anyone else wanting to learn to drive.

Charlie WainesCharlie Waines
I passed with Paul, the lessons were enjoyable and I progressed at a good rate. We had some good conversations which made the lessons even better. I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Jessica SmithJessica Smith
1st Time Pass
Passed first time and all down to Paul, When I didn't understand certain manoeuvres Paul always tried to explain it differently till I understood which helped a lot. When i got behind the wheel i was always nervous but a few minutes into the driving lesson I wasn't as nervous and was able to relax as he was very calm and patient with me. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive as he is a great instructor and I wouldn't of passed first time if it wasn’t for Paul.

Georgia AppletonGeorgia Appleton
Friday 13th Pass
Learning with Paul, he never misses a lesson and is always on time. When driving he kept me very calm even when I did things wrong I would always know how to correct them straight away. When I didn’t understand he would help me with any questions I had. I made sure that this time with my driving I passed my theory test first and managed to pass on Friday 13th I also passed my driving test on Friday 13th but not the same day. Would highly recommend driving with Paul.

Lucy BoylandLucy Boyland
Passed 1st Time
I passed my test first time with Paul as my instructor. When I started lessons, I was very anxious and nervous about driving at all. Throughout my time learning to drive, I have learnt a great deal from Paul, he is patient, calm but constructive which is what I needed in order to progress and eventually pass my test. The lessons are well planned out and are tailored to your skills and progress. I would highly recommend Paul as an instructor to anyone, particularly anyone very nervous or anxious around the idea of driving such as myself.

Emma DowningEmma Downing
Passed 1st Time
Passed first time! During the time spent learning to drive with Paul, I felt his teaching skills were very professional as an instructor. However, I was still able to feel relaxed behind the wheel, as well as having a laugh here and there! Paul clearly teaches you above test standard so that when it comes to the test you are well prepared, therefore resulting in a great result.

Eddie Rummel Eddie Rummel
1st Time Pass
Paul is a brilliant instructor, very calm and laidback, which helps massively with the learning process. He’s very knowledgeable, and prepares you not just for your test but for afterwards too. I have now at writing just passed (first time!) which is all down to Paul, I’m a very nervous person and this day didn’t ever feel possible, but he’s certainly helped me to find my confidence. I now feel confident to take the next steps in getting on the road, gaining more and more experience to be an able and safe driver and look forward to having the freedom to venture out. Ultimately I’m happy and glad I chose Paul as my instructor. I would definitely recommend him.

George BayesGeorge Bayes
Passed 1st Time
Paul was an excellent teacher! The lessons were well-paced and catered to my individual needs, with a foundation of good driving practice. I feel he prepared me for any challenges on the road and passed first time thanks to him!

Lauren Todd
Having previously had lessons with another instructor I felt I wasn’t making any progress. So I contacted Paul, it was the best decision I could have made. I would highly recommend Paul as he is calm and helps if you don't understand something. He takes his time explaining different manoeuvres and he makes sure you get it before moving on. 

Walter HolmesWalter Holmes
Thanks Paul
Quality guy, quality driving instructor. He has a very clear and effective way of teaching which allowed me to feel happy with my progress after each lesson. He taught me how to drive at a very high standard which definitely helped me pass my test and also become a safe driver. Paul made me feel very comfortable and pushed me through at a perfect pace. Couldn’t fault my driving lessons and would recommend to anyone. Cheers Paul.

Ethan SmithEthan Smith
Passed 1st Time
Paul has been a fantastic instructor. He knows exactly how to explain processes and techniques of driving to get the most out of his students. Furthermore he has always been friendly and level headed during lessons - even after mishaps. If there was a star rating to be given, it would be a 5.

Joshua RobinsonJoshua Robinson
Paul's driving lessons have made learning to drive much more bearable for someone learning to drive later than usual. Paul was diligant, helpful, calm and reassuring and was able to fit lessons around my work/life schedule. I would recommend Paul Corney to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Mathew ShepherdMathew Shepherd
Passed 1st time
Learning to drive with Paul was an enjoyable and intuitive experience, I quickly felt rapid progression when in control of the car and felt comfortable when driving. After every lesson I felt I was better off even if mistakes were made due to Paul's calm and educational approach. Always had a good chat with Paul and recommend him if you are wanting to learn to drive.

Ash Daffern Ash Daffern
Passed 1st Time
I highly recommend Paul for driving lessons. I was nervous when I started but Paul's relaxed but professional manner allowed me to overcome this and gain confidence behind the wheel, while also having a laugh and enjoying the whole experience. I felt like I was making progress with every lesson and learning new skills throughout. Paul's unique style of teaching made some of the more advanced driving techniques such as parallel parking really easy to understand and perform. Having passed my driving test first time I would recommend Paul to anyone.

Dan HellmanDan Hellman
1st Time Pass
I changed my driving instructor during my time learning to drive, I decided to go with Paul. With Paul I found my lessons more relaxing and fun. Thanks to Paul I was able to pass my test 1st time, I now feel more confident and calm while driving. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive.

Wendy PrestonWendy Preston
Achieved my goal
I had my first driving lesson 42 years ago and had lessons on and off, but never took a test. I hadn’t had a lesson for over 20 years when I found Paul’s website and decided to go for it! Best decision I have ever made. He is a very calm, reassuring instructor who inspires confidence – something that I was severely lacking. His instruction is clear and he goes at a pace that suits you. He made me feel at ease and never made me feel uncomfortable or useless, even though my skills were severely lacking at times. He always saw the positive side! I would recommend him to anyone who is considering learning to drive. He got me through – no one else has managed that! Thank You Paul.

Jack DarrellJack Darrell
Passed 1st Time
Passed 1st time with Paul and I really enjoyed my lessons with Paul. He is always punctual and never lets you down, he was approachable and calm every lesson. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive, cheers Paul.

Mathew GraysonMathew Grayson
No minors
Passed with 0 driver faults. I highly recommend Paul for quality driving lessons. Paul isn't just bothered about getting you through the test, he teaches you how to drive properly so you are well prepared for driving after the practical test. Paul is very professional but can still have a laugh which helps put you at ease. He supports you when required, and doesn't get frustrated with you when you make mistakes. This helps boost your confidence. I had weekly lessons which allowed me to progress efficiently. Fully recommend Paul to anyone looking to learn to drive properly.

Nathan PriceNathan Price
Passed 1st Time
My lessons with Paul were always nice and relaxed, he is easy to get along with and has patience with you which really helps. But he knows when to push you that little be further to help you achieve more. He helped me pass first time and in under 2 months, I would defiantly recommend him to anyone.

Stephen Longmire Stephen Longmire
Passed 1st time
Paul is a fantastic instructor every lesson I had I really enjoyed myself. I took a lot away from each lesson. Brilliant sense of humour and knows how to put you at ease I would recommend anyone who is looking to learn to drive in the area. Learn with Paul you won't regret it.

Elliot BulmerElliot Bulmer
Passed 1st time
Passed 1st time I would recommend Paul he is a friendly and professional instructor I had weekly lessons and passed within 4 months.

Sam Clapton Sam Clapton
Passed 1st time
I'd recommend Paul to anyone learning to drive. Got me through my test quickly but thoroughly. Really laid back and can have a good laugh with which always helps. Always on time, never lets you down. Not a bad word to be said.

Luke Hornby Luke Hornby
1st Time Pass
I’ve really enjoyed my lessons with Paul. He’s a very good instructor who is very flexible and provides an excellent service and had a good sense of humour. He made me feel confident in my ability which helped me pass my test 1st time. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Drewan YatesDrewan Yates
Passed 1st Time
Having started and stopped driving lessons several times since the age of 17, I finally managed to pass my test first time with Paul's help. I had always been a nervous driver, and with encouragement from Paul this gradually lessened. He has an incredible amount of patience, but also knows when to give the right push! I would highly recommend Paul as an instructor and I know I will now be a calm and confident driver! I can now drive to see my family whenever I please which has given me so much freedom!

Lizzie BallLizzie Ball
1st Time Pass
I have really enjoyed my driving lessons with Paul. He was very patient and thorough, however he did not waste time during our lessons. I found each one really beneficial and felt I was progressing through his teaching. Both my siblings and I all passed first time, therefore I would highly recommend Paul.

Emily RidoutEmily Ridout
1st Time Pass
After successfully passing my driving test first time with Paul I really enjoyed the fact that if I made mistakes on my lessons with him, he reassured me and gave me the confidence to continue and progress further. The areas I found hard on my lessons were to obtain the bite of the vehicle and bay parking, but again having Paul by Mysore each week, he gave me the courage and support to overcome these fears. Seeing me through my time as a learner driver, Paul has always motivated me, no task was too big for him to sort out. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive. I couldn’t have done it without him. Thank You for everything Paul.😀

Connor BatemanConnor Bateman
Passed 1st Time
To start with, I’d like to say how much of an excellent driving instructor Paul was. My previous experience with another local driving instructor left me unhappy and unsure on driving lessons. But after getting back behind the wheel with Paul, my confidence and interest in driving came back. Even though throughout my driving lessons I had intentions of giving up and also a negative mind set, Paul managed to pick me back up in my times of self doubt. His interpersonal skills were next to none and I managed to form a very close student to mentor bond with Paul that helped me seven fold. Paul is an excellent teacher with the Patience of a saint. Cheers for putting up with me Paul! 😊 Connor.

Brandon LustedBrandon Lusted
Passed 1st Time
I’ve really enjoyed my lessons with Paul. The lessons where relaxed, but I came away feeling more confident after each lesson. I felt ready when it came to my test and passed 1st with only 1 minor. Thanks Paul I’ll definitely recommend you.

Ethan WardEthan Ward
Passed 1st Time 0 Faults
Paul is a great driving instructor he made me feel comfortable in and around a car. Made things clear when I was unsure and has the patience to recap anything. This helped me pass my test 1st time with 0 faults. I will certainly be recommending Paul to anyone I know that is looking for a driving instructor. Thanks again Paul.

Charlotte KirkCharlotte Kirk
I highly recommend lessons with Paul and I feel that from my lessons he didn’t just teach me to pass the test, he taught me to become a safe driver and feel comfortable driving my car by myself once I passed. During lessons he didn’t waste time and every lesson was useful and enjoyable. His teaching method was good and he made sure I understood everything and was very flexible with fitting lessons in with my busy schedule.

Joe MorrisJoe Morris
Passed 1st time.
Passed first time after having weekly lessons with Paul. My confidence and ability grew week to week with the support from Paul and he made me feel very comfortable and calm in the car. Lessons with Paul were really enjoyable and I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Melissa FarrallMelissa Farrall
Passed 1st time
I learnt to drive with Paul. He was a great instructor, he made me feel at ease from day 1. He was very patient and taught things in a way that was very easy to understand and grasp. He was very easy to talk to and I never was once stuck for conversation. I went from being scared to learn to drive, to feeling confident in myself and my abilities. He explains things very clearly without jargon or babbling. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Megan HillMegan Hill
Passed 1st time
Thanks to Paul I managed to pass my driving test first time with only 2 minors, he is a brilliant teacher who makes sure you feel comfortable with the car and makes sure you understand what you are learning. He was very patient with me when I made mistakes (which was quite a few times) I definitely recommend him.

Jody TomlinsonJody Tomlinson
Passed 1st time
The driving lessons I've had with Paul have been really good, Paul has a very good way of teaching. I felt very comfortable with Paul and like his honesty. I passed first time with him with no minors. I would definitely recommend Paul for a driving instructor 5 out of 5 stars.

Callum VentressCallum Ventress
I found the lessons were great fun, Paul gave excellent advice and taught me to drive in a friendly environment. Very patient, I highly recommend Paul.

Christina StevensChristina Stevens
Passed 1st time.
The driving lessons I had with Paul were great, he was patient and allowed me to take the lessons at my own pace which meant I passed my test first time! Always professional, but laid back and always makes you feel at ease. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Sam CousinsSam Cousins
I loved my driving lessons with Paul. I had very little confidence in my driving at the start but his positivity and patience helped me pass with 0 minors! Paul's attitude is always constructive and professional and he will never let you end a lesson feeling bad about your driving skills. You can tell he really enjoys being an instructor and seeing his pupils pass. I would recommend Paul to anyone (and already have done!) Thank you for everything!

Cynthia ManaoisCynthia Manaois
Thank you so much Paul for your unrelenting patients towards my learning time, especially when I made mistakes. Also helping me understand every aspect of of learning how to drive. You've got the techniques and ways to encourage the learner which I really appreciated, you are one of a kind Mr Perfect. Big thanks

Tilly KenyonTilly Kenyon
Driving lessons with Paul were really good, and he built up my confidence. He's a brilliant instructor and put me at ease. All his lessons helped me to pass my test first time, I would definitely recommend him.

Ryan ClemmowRyan Clemmow
I found Paul to be an easy going instructor who helps you make progress in lessons at your own pace. I would recommend him to others wanting to learn to drive.

Joel WilsonJoel Wilson
The driving lessons I had with Paul were enjoyable and I learnt a lot in them. Within in a few months I was able to pass my driving test first time with 0 faults. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is learning to drive.

Darren McDonaldDarren McDonald
Paul is a fantastic driving instructor who really builds up your confidence. Each lesson I came out feeling I had made progress  and my confidence grew each time. After taking tests with another instructor in a big city a few years ago, I was feeling like I would never pass. However Paul's teaching style was very thorough and positive and I passed on my first attempt with Paul. I would thoroughly recommend Paul as a driving instructor to anyone.

Tom AllanTom Allan
Paul provides good and productive lessons that are beneficial and helpful. He's friendly and easy to get along with and a great instructor. If you want to learn to drive I would recommend Paul.

Reece Corney Reece Corney
Paul is very reliable and easy to get along with, he's not too serious and can have a laugh but still professional. What I liked about Paul he would only put you in for your test when he knows your ready. I would recommended him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Jazmin Hodgson
Hi Paul, just a quick message to say a massive thank you for getting me through my driving test and helping me pass the 1st time. the experience has been great and I'am very thankful and I will be definitely recommending you to my friends and family. Thanks again Jazz.

Kamran Flynn - NortonKamran Flynn - Norton
Thanks for all my lessons and helping me pass! You are a great instructor and I will recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive! See you on the roads.

Sam Cooper - Pickering Sam Cooper - Pickering
Passed 1st time
Paul creates a really calm and comfortable atmosphere. You will be taught very professionally, only moving onto things once you are ready, but also having a good laugh too! This all helped me pass my test 1st time, I would highly recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Matt Chapman - Thornton Le DaleMatt Chapman - Thornton Le Dale
Paul is a Very professional driving instructor, also has an effective teaching style which doesn't leave the students on edge. Helps to keep you concentrated and doesn't make you get stressed when you do something wrong. Fantastic instructor I would recommend him.

Tyler Gaines - AllerstonTyler Gaines - Allerston
Driving lessons with Paul were highly informative and were a great help when it came to knowing what was required for the test. I feel it would have taken me rather longer to pass the test, had I not had assertive encouragement from Paul. I would highly recommend him as an instructor for those who want varied and fun lessons.

Luke Edwards - Kirkbymoorside Luke Edwards - Kirkbymoorside
First Time Pass
Hi Paul, I just want to say thank you for all of your support helping me pass 1st time, you have been a fantastic driving instructor and I cannot express how happy I am for getting my licence, I would recommend you to anyone that wants to learn to drive (besides, you have a better car ).

James Rule - Thornton Le DaleJames Rule - Thornton Le Dale
First Time Pass
I passed first time with 0 minors which I was obviously delighted about. I had never driven a car before my first lesson with Paul. The first lesson was ideal for me as we just started by moving off and stopping in the car park. From then the lessons increased in difficulty which I found excellent and I improved very quickly since I had never driven before. If ever I made a mistake Paul was always very relaxed and calm about it which meant I was very relaxed and meant I just carried on and didn't worry about the mistake. I found this the best part about my lessons as before I started I was scared of making mistakes but Paul was very relaxed and often shared a joke afterwards about it which was ideal for me. Paul was the perfect instructor for me and I would definitely recommend him.

Sol Craft - Thornton Le DaleSol Craft - Thornton Le Dale
Passed 1st time
I passed 1st time and would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. He guided me through my lessons extremely well without wasting time on the areas of my driving I picked up quickly, however when I struggled he was very patient with me. Paul and I always had a laugh on my lessons and I thoroughly enjoyed having him as my driving instructor.

Evie O'Vastar - PickeringEvie O'Vastar - Pickering
Passed 1st time
I passed 1st time learning with Paul, he had extreme patience! Each lesson you'd learn something new! I found driving with Paul really enjoyable and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Adam Horvath - KirkbymoorsideAdam Horvath - Kirkbymoorside
Paul has been incredible in helping me get from two wheels to four, his approach on every lesson was fantastic, he kept me at a level where I was constantly challenged, pushing me onwards into becoming a safer driver, his way of teaching enabled me to progress in ways I couldn't of imagined, through all my bad habits of looking over the bonnet to see my position on the road to underestimating gaps (all from using a scooter as my main form of transport), I'm now able to get out in a car safely and actually be dry for a change.

Me and my little family thank you, its been an absolute pleasure learning how to drive from you and I can now continue to learn as I drive on the roads independently, keeping all the safety aspects you taught me to take my family to places new!

George Jackson - NawtonGeorge Jackson - Nawton
The lessons that I had with Paul were always enjoyable. He would always go back over anything that I wasn’t sure about and he would always try to get me to a stage where I felt confident with everything. He also didn’t waste time during the lessons which meant that I could pass quickly first time and also feel able to drive alone after the test. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Jo Keogh - PickeringJo Keogh - Pickering
Passed 1st time
Paul is an amazing driving instructor and I would highly recommend learning to drive with him. From the very first lesson he put me at ease, giving me just enough of a challenge to make sure I was progressing; without overloading me or leaving me with a negative experience. Paul teaches you the skills you need to drive day-to-day, not just how to pass your test - it must have worked because I passed first time! Thanks Paul.

Joe Dunnett - AllerstonJoe Dunnett - Allerston
Would recommend Paul to anyone! He was brilliant to have as he made lessons enjoyable, but he was also very flexible with times and was able to fit my lessons around my full time football training! He also worked with me to get myself passed first time, with no faults and in just over a month! Genuinely cannot thank him enough! Great guy and a quality driving instructor! Thanks Paul!

Daniel Berseford - MaltonDaniel Berseford - Malton
The best driving instructor I could ask for, great approach he knew when to push me and when not too. I felt he was more of a mate who helped my confidence grow and now I love driving. Thank you again.

Izzi Dwyer - OswaldkirkIzzi Dwyer - Oswaldkirk
I have thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Paul, l found them useful every time. I never found anything too easy as Paul would try and get perfection from everything, this made sure I passed my test first time. As well as being a very good instructor Paul is amicable and funny. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Catherine Ball - SinningtonCatherine Ball - Sinnington
My lessons with Paul were enjoyable and very helpful. I was guided through the manoeuvres clearly, meaning it was easy to understand and learn from any mistakes. I managed to build up my confidence in driving and by the time it came to my test I felt prepared and ready. Overall Paul's lessons have not just helped me pass my test first time with only 1 minor but also helped me become a confident driver in any situation. I have already recommended Paul to my friend who also passed her test first time with Paul.

Ceri Owen - Thornton Le DaleCeri Owen - Thornton Le Dale
I found Paul's lessons enjoyable, he was always patient and explained things clearly. Every lesson I felt I'd learnt something new and made progress. I would highly recommend learning to drive with him.

John Westgarth - PickeringJohn Westgarth - Pickering
Once again Paul thank you, Paul's experience ensured that I had the best preparation for my test. As someone who had driven before and not had the best of confidence before, Paul ensured that this was not the case before my test through running varied and appropriately challenging lessons. I really did enjoy my driving experience with Paul and actually looked forward to the lessons. I would definitely recommended Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Becky Hainsworth - PickeringBecky Hainsworth - Pickering
Paul is a great instructor, he pushes you to progress and talks through manoeuvres and other aspects of driving well. I found the lessons really enjoyable and Paul was relaxed and easy to get along with. I would definitely recommend Paul as a driving instructor.

Josh Greaves - PickeringJosh Greaves - Pickering
I enjoyed Paul's lessons very much and would recommend him highly. Paul is very patient and calm and also has very good methods and techniques to teaching. I was able to feel confident and safe with my driving because of Paul's lessons.

Carl Lindsey - MaltonCarl Lindsey - Malton
I'm really grateful to Paul for helping me through my driving test. He is very calm and makes you feel comfortable when you are driving the car, extremely good at what he does. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a driving instructor.

Bryan Antoni - PickeringBryan Antoni - Pickering
My lessons with Paul where very helpful to get me to test standard quickly as I had driven before. I passed first time with only one minor, I would recommend Paul and have already to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you Paul.

Emily Whitehouse - Kirkbymoorside Emily Whitehouse - Kirkbymoorside
Paul I would like to thank you very much for helping me learn to drive. I felt comfortable going for my lessons and I felt I gained more confidence each time. I could easily ask about anything I was unsure of. I would highly recommend you to anyone else and I will continue to do so in the future.

Curtis Seaman - RillingtonCurtis Seaman - Rillington
I really enjoyed my lessons with Paul and felt very comfortable and at ease. Paul is a very genuine and reliable driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting lessons.

Casey Davis - Thornton Le DaleCasey Davis - Thornton Le Dale
Paul is an incredible instructor and provides lessons that are both educational and enjoyable. Not only does Paul teach what is necessary to pass the test, he also gives his students the knowledge necessary to succeed in driving long after the test is complete. I would highly recommend Paul as thanks to him I was able to pass my test first time.

Lizzy Warden - Helmsley Lizzy Warden - Helmsley
With Paul's excellent guidance, I managed to pass my test first time. His teaching goes above and beyond the call of duty, raising his students to a standard above simply passing the driving test. Ensuring his students possess a depth of knowledge and safety to rely on, even after they've passed. Thank you Paul.

Christian Burnett - MaltonChristian Burnett - Malton
Paul really adapts the lessons to suit the needs of his students he will stop and tell you where you have gone wrong and how you can improve. I would highly recommend Paul he gave me great confidence and his lessons where fun and rewarding.(I'll never forget the wheelie bins).

Nikki Long - MaltonNikki Long - Malton
Paul is a very friendly and patient instructor. I found when things went wrong, he would reassure me which I found very helpful, as I tended to panic while driving. Learning with Paul helped me gain the confidence and self belief I needed to pass my driving test first time. His lessons are centred entirely around you as an individual, allowing you to go at a pace you feel comfortable, although he will push when necessary to allow you to reach your full diving potential. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Abigail Learoyd - NortonAbigail Learoyd - Norton
I took the semi intensive course with Paul which gave me multiple lessons a week helping me remember manoeuvres easier. In addition to the 30 hours the semi intensive course includes a driving workbook describing in depth every manoeuvre. I used the workbook before and after lessons to further my understanding. I would recommended Paul to other learner drivers as the lessons are productive and reflect you individually through working on the aspects your less confident with.

Imogen Hackett - Hutton Le HoleImogen Hackett - Hutton Le Hole
I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone learning to drive. All of the lessons were productive and he was a very friendly and encouraging instructor who has made me a confident driver. His teaching was very thorough and I felt really prepared for my test. A great driving instructor!

Chloe Teasdale - Thornton Le DaleChloe Teasdale - Thornton Le Dale
Paul is a brilliant driving instructor as he is very friendly and patient. He gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test and felt I could ask him about anything I was unsure of. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks for everything Paul!

Katharine Warden - HelmsleyKatharine Warden - Helmsley
Paul was a really patient driving instructor, and was really encouraging any time I had a bad day and got frustrated with myself. He's very accommodating with lesson times, and also has high standards which he ensures you have reached by test day, meaning that when you pass you will already be a safer driver than many others. I would highly recommend Paul, and my sister is learning to drive with him already!

Suzie Hewitt - Nawton BeadlamSuzie Hewitt - Nawton Beadlam
As a learner driver I was incredibly nervous both in a car and around other cars on the road. Paul was very patient with me and tried not to push me too far to dent my confidence whilst still making progress. He made me feel safe and I knew I could trust him when I was learning new things. We thought up a plan of regular and often lessons to suit me with the times and days of my choice. I was always provided with a good summary of how the lesson went, what went well, areas that I needed to improve and what to practice for next time which for me worked really well. I went from that scared learner driver who jumped at every car to a confident and competent 'first time pass' driver in two months.

Kati Riley - KirkbymoorsideKati Riley - Kirkbymoorside
Hi all who are thinking about learning to drive, my name is Kati I am a headstrong and stubborn women and I been learning to drive with Paul. Paul has been extremely patient with me and quickly taught me the basics of driving. He has stood by me through my lack of confidence and my bad days when the lesson didn't seem to sink in. I highly recommend Paul to anyone, especially if you need someone who keep you focused and guide you in the right direction. Thanks for everything Paul.

Lucy Braithwaite - Malton
I found Paul to be very patient. He helped when I needed him to but pushed me enough in order to walk away from my lessons feeling like I achieved something. If we found something I couldn't do, he encouraged me that I can. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons as he catered them to what I individually needed to improve on and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good instructor.

Charlotte Hornby - PickeringCharlotte Hornby - Pickering
Paul is a very professional and friendly driving instructor. He is always on time for lessons and is enthusiastic about driving, making him the perfect choice of instructor for a nervous teenager learning to drive. He also makes lessons enjoyable but is also keen to tell you how to improve to get the best results on test day. I would definitely recommend him!!

Dan Chapman - Thornton Le DaleDan Chapman - Thornton Le Dale
Great service from Paul nothing was ever too much trouble, he helped me pass first time with his quick and reliable approach cheers Paul.

Stephanie Seaman - KirkbymoorsideStephanie Seaman - Kirkbymoorside
I've had a great experience learning to drive with Paul, I've developed so many great skills, I started of not knowing how to even turn an engine on and in no time I've passed my test. Paul is a very polite helpful person and makes you feel comfortable. I will defiantly pass on your number to anyone I know who wants to learn how to drive, (I passed with no faults) brilliant instructor!

Paul Puddephatt - KirkbymoorsidePaul Puddephatt - Kirkbymoorside
I like to thank you Paul for getting me to pass my test, you were a big help to me and I will pass your number to my mate's thank you again.

Luke Clemmit - PickeringLuke Clemmit - Pickering
I enjoyed Paul's lessons very much he was very friendly and patient when I made faults which encouraged me to do better. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Dan Edwards - KirkbymoorsideDan Edwards - Kirkbymoorside
Paul is a brilliant instructor, very friendly and always pushing you in the right direction by finding ways you can improve and become a better driver in the end, if you made a mistake he was very patient and reassuring. Lessons were productive, and tailored in a way that no matter how fast you learn you would always be learning something new or be polishing up on skills that had already been learned and were always fun. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone looking for a good instructor.

Josh Toes - Thornton Le DaleJosh Toes - Thornton Le Dale
I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Paul, he is a brilliant teacher and he is patient with you. He is easy to get along with and he has a good sense of hummer. Paul is very reasonable as I experienced because I had to change the day/time of my driving lessons most weeks due to being at work but as long as I gave Paul enough notice of the change he would always try his best to work around it. Paul gives good advice on the lessons on how to improve your driving to make you an overall safer driver and to help you pass your test. I would defiantly recommend Paul to anyone that wants to learn to drive.

Kirsty Brown - PickeringKirsty Brown - Pickering
I found that Paul was an excellent instructor who pushed me when I needed it giving me confidence that I could succeed at every aspect needed for the test. He was patient and structured the lessons as to what he felt I needed to practice and kept me motivated throughout. I would definately recommend him.

Helen Britton - PickeringHelen Britton - Pickering
Having already learnt with 2 instructors previously, I found Paul was friendly and supportive and really helpful in getting me to test standard in a short space of time. The LD workbook was great to back up the practical skills learnt in my lessons; it was especially useful for recapping the manoeuvres. Now that I have passed my driving test and feel confident in my driving abilities and can't wait to get my first car. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Bronwen Owen - Thornton Le DaleBronwen Owen - Thornton Le Dale
I found Paul friendly and patient so I was relaxed and was able to enjoy the lessons, I also felt I could ask him if I needed something explaining further. Paul ensured I worked on the areas I needed to improve before my driving test to sure I was fully prepared.

Ellie Auckland - Thornton Le Dale
I passed 1st time and thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Paul, found him to be patient and understanding and would highly recommend him.